richard the second



a modern concert version adapted and directed by Christopher Brauer


original music by Tom Keenan & Matt Peters

featuring Royal Canoe


December 2016

at our partnering venue the West End Cultural Centre.

With support from the Manitoba Arts Council and the Manitoba Association of Playwrights we commissioned Keenan and Peters to compose modern tunes to the verse of this rarely done history play. An ensemble of six actors joined Christopher Brauer and Royal Canoe to workshop the piece for a week in December 2014 culminating in an invited reading/sitzprobe. Script revisions and new songs are underway and zone41 will premiere Richard the Second in December 2016.  


ARTISTIC TEAM | Derek Allard - Musician - Royal Canoe, Brendan Berg - Musician - Royal Canoe, Christopher Brauer - Director/Adapter, Sarah Constible - Duchess, Bucky Driedger - Musician - Royal Canoe, Tom Keenan - Composer/ Richard, Kendra Jones - Assistant Director, Michael Jordan - Musician - Royal Canoe, Montana Lehmann - Queen, Arne MacPherson - Older Lord, Simon Miron - Young Lord, Matt Peters - Composer/ Musician - Royal Canoe, Matt Schellenberg - Musician - Royal Canoe, Rylan Wilkie - Bolingbroke

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